No Batt Dialog

No Batt Dialog 1.0

Supress the battery warning dialogs on your Palm


  • Very simple to operate
  • Effective at keeping away low battery warnings


  • Won't save your battery

Not bad

Isn't it annoying when your battery runs out on your Palm? What's more annoying is when you get a great big message in the middle of the screen telling you it's about to run out.

This usually gets in the way of your last actions before the battery dies and consquently leaves you without the power to finish what you were doing on your device.

Luckily, No Batt Dialog is here to help. This very simple program allows you to deactivate these irksome messages, allowing you to work with your PDA without interruption during the last few minutes of its life, until you recharge it again.

No Batt Dialog suppresses the battery warning dialogs on your Palm device. Once you've set the options, the program works in the background, ensuring that you're never troubled by annoying messages warning of the impending failure of your battery.

No Batt Dialog


No Batt Dialog 1.0

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